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I Feel Good

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I Feel Good:Ten Easy Steps to Better Health is for the person who knows that good nutrition is important for their health but does not know where to start.

This book will assist you on the road to making informed choices about healthy foods, mindful eating and smart lifestyle choices.

“We teach our patients that optimum treatment uses lifestyle as the pill. There are several side effects to living well: improved sleep, better sex and energy; less pain, fatigue and feelings of boredom. But in my opinion, the best side effect of good lifestyle medicine is achieving a consistent feeling of excitement and happiness. I think Alix and Deb offer practical ways of achieving this.”
Dr. James Nicolai, Franciscan Center for Integrative Health

“For years Alix and Deb have been a source of knowledge and inspiration to countless people walking through the doors of Good Earth, their (and my) neighborhood natural foods store. And now they’ve put that healthy living know-how down on paper. This book will be a first or final stop for so many looking for practical and workable real first steps to increasing their health, longevity, and happiness.”
Sara Snow, TV Host and Author of Sara Snow’s Fresh Living

Alix is hosting a radio show - “Another Day of Living”
Sponsored by Good Earth Natural Food Company.

“Our radio show is all about eating well, living well and feeling good. We want to take you with us as we delve into the wide world of health and wellness.

For thirty minutes each week we will talk to all kinds people who will help us learn more about the myriad of issues that affect how we feel.“

Listen on WITT 91.9 FM
Saturdays 11:30 AM
Wednesdays 5:00 PM

The show is also available online at www.anotherdayofliving.com

Now Available in Kindle!

We are excited to announce that "I Feel Good: Ten Easy Steps to Better Health" is now available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com!
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Here's to your health!

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